Monday, December 10, 2012

Baby Boy Birth Announcement Ideas

As a new parent you want to extend your happiness to all those around you by giving out baby birth announcements. It is a great way to say 'Hello' and welcome the new baby boy in this world. This article will help you to plan the birth announcements for your baby boy and provide various healthy ideas to make this moment unique and memorable.

While making the boy birth announcements it is important to consider the theme which you are using for the little baby. It can be in the form of trains, planes or any other idea which relates to the male gender. A unique male theme will help people know that you have a baby boy, since sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between a baby-boy and baby-girl. Try to look for a theme which has something special for both the little boy and you.

There are many color ideas which can be used in your baby boy birth announcements. One of the most popular colors for baby boys is blue. Think of using a creative shade of blue instead of the generic “baby boy” version. You can also have shades of green and yellow along with the blue to suit your theme. There are plenty of color options and can be used in any combination based on your imagination. Try to use a couple of colors and their combination to create accents and complementary color schemes. Remember that the baby will have only one announcement in his lifetime, so pick your colors wisely.

Once you are done with colors, it's time to make the boy birth announcements look original and better in comparison to other announcements. You can give a personal touch to the announcement by adding attachments in the form of cute pictures of tractors or baby rattles. This extra touch will make the announcement stand out from others. To go one step further, add the photograph of the cute baby boy and try to decorate the picture’s border. If you are sending the boy birth announcements through standard mail then it would be highly recommended to include the photo of your little boy.

A perfect boy birth announcement requires time and dedication; it can't be done within few minutes. If you still want to design the announcement quickly, then the best option is to search online. You will have to place custom orders with companies and design the birth announcement through the site. Online orders are regarded as a great way for these announcements, as you can have a quick preview before they are being developed and forwarded to your mail. Be sure to match it up with your personal style and the theme so that you can have a unique announcement for the baby boy.

A good boy birth announcement can say a lot about the character of the parents and the new child. Take due care for its design, so that it generates a moment of happiness for everyone who receives the announcement.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Things You Should Know about Birth Announcements

For families who are expecting a baby soon, the entire experience can be really exciting. With the date coming closer, you can turn crazy thinking about whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. You may get eager to share the news with friends and family. If at all it was possible, you would have announced the happy news in front of the entire world. For those who wish to share this wonderful bit of news, one of the best ways is using birth announcements. This will let you welcome the new baby with absolute fervor. With a custom birth announcement you will be able to tell other people about this very special information.

Custom birth announcements

Spread the word about your baby's arrival to family and friends by means of a custom birth announcement. You can choose from a creative collection of birth announcements available at personalized baby stores online. They have specific announcements for little girls as well as for boys. Some may even have your cards personalized with a photo of your child. With the variety of custom announcements, you are guaranteed to have a unique and exclusive design. Sharing good news has never been so much fun. These E-commerce sources are happy to connect you across people with such wonderful news.

When to send a birth announcement

The best time to spread the news that your child is born should be right after birth. However, this can take a lot of time because of the newborn’s needs. It is possible that this piece of news even go overlooked. In this case, try to make a deadline to announce your news a month after the birth of your child. The sooner you spread the news the better it is. Hence personalized birth announcements come handy. The moment of joy becomes more interesting if it is shared right in time. The excitement is at its peak during the time of birth and this is the best time to share your happiness with the world

Make your personalized Birth Announcement Card

While the baby is on its way, making baby announcement cards can be very stressful. You should make every effort to be creative because you are going to send them to your friends and relatives. Moreover, you are going to tell people about a very special event, which is why you need to make it special. The internet makes this job a lot easier for you. Look around for different styles and designs, classic and contemporary, as per the celebration.

What to include in your birth announcement

For the birth announcement, you should include general details about your new bundle of joy. This will usually include the name and sex of the child, date of birth, height, weight, and parents' names. If you want, you can even add a photo of your child to provide more personal and unique touch to your card. You can also combine poetry or a verse dedicated to your baby.
Announcing the birth of your baby is an exciting milestone for parents. While this time in your life can be quite hectic take a breath and enjoy the process. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Guide to Birth Announcements

Being a new mother means a lot of added work, even before the baby ever arrives! You've got a nursery to get ready, a home that's going to have to manage without you for a while until you and the baby settle into a routine, and of course, the birth announcements. Letting friends and family know that the baby's finally here is one of the details expectant and new mothers worry about the most, because they want to make the best possible impression for themselves and the child they've worked so hard to bring safely into the world.

Creating your own birth announcements can be a fun and enjoyable way to put the word out about your new bundle of joy. One thing that many mothers worry about is what information to put on birth announcements. Are birth announcements even really necessary in this age of instant communication via Internet, cell phone, and so on? Etiquette is moving so much more slowly than technology, making this sort of question all the more puzzling.

Etiquette dictates that you send out announcements as soon as reasonably possible. Naturally, this will vary according to circumstances, and only you (and maybe your spouse) can decide when it can be done.  Some information that should appear on the announcement includes date and time of birth, gender of the baby, the baby's height, weight, and a cute saying or verse that you feel is appropriate for the occasion. Parent, grandparents, uncles and aunts, siblings, and close friends are obvious, but you may also want to include employers, neighbors, and others.
There’s also the question of who should receive an announcement. Should you hand make them or buy them from a printer or online service? Designing your own birth announcement in advance of the actual birth can be a great way to add your own unique style to this time-honored tradition. If you find yourself stuck for ideas, you could always have a design party with your closest friends! It would be a great way to let the creative juices flow while not driving yourself crazy trying to do all the work yourself, and one of your friends might just surprise you with her design skills. However you decide to go, remember your birth announcement is all about you and your baby.

"Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege,
than the raising of the next generation.

-C. Everet Koop, M.D.

How to Burp a Baby

What to Look for When Choosing Birth Announcements

Your baby’s birth announcements are his or her first introduction to all of your friends and family. They will also appear in every baby book and scrapbook for the rest of his or her life. Because of this, it is important to pick out the right birth announcement for your child or children.

Start by thinking about how you want to present your child or children to the world. Some parents prefer to send a small card that includes basic information about the family’s new addition, assuming that everyone will be able to see and meet the baby. Other families want their birth announcement to include as much information as possible about the baby. In particular, parents who live far away from their relatives and friends often choose birth announcements with several different photos and a lot of information about the baby. Think about who will be receiving your birth announcements, and what information you want to share with them.

Next, think about a few practical matters. Will you be mailing the birth announcements or handing them out personally. If you’re mailing them, you will probably want to pick a card that is a standard size and/or comes with envelopes made to fit the cards. Avoid card with pop-outs, glitter or other items that might make them difficult for the post office to sort.

Think carefully about the pictures. If you want birth announcements with a picture of the infant, you will have to take a picture of the baby. While this might not seem like a big deal, many new parents are surprised to discover how hard it is to get a good picture of someone who keeps squirming and moving their hands over their face. Unlike standard snap shots, it will be important to think about lighting and other factors if you select an announcement that you have to resize a photograph for. In fact, some parents choose their announcement based on what size photographs the announcements use. Expect to spend at least an hour getting a good picture of the baby, or use a professional photographer. If you do decide on a professional photographer, set up an appointment with him or her for at least a week after your due date, and make sure that he or she has a flexible schedule.

Finally, make sure to look at a preview of the announcement before placing an order. Many new parents change their minds about coloring or the information they want printed on the announcement. You might even want to select several different styles before the baby comes and make the final decision after you look at your new infant.